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Starting A Business / Setting Up A Business

Starting a business is a task that requires a lot of upfront planning. You need to consider business structure: Sole Proprietorship, Corporation, Partnership or a blend of some or all. Once the structure of the business is decided upon, you need to setup processes for accounting and filings. You never want to fall behind in the administrative aspects of your business because it will be much more onerous to catch up and get on track later. We can assist you and your business with:

  • Registration and/or incorporation of business
  • Preparation of resolutions
  • Preparation of bylaws
  • Preparation of share subscriptions
  • Issuance of shares
  • Provision of minute book
  • Completion of ledgers and lists
  • Setting up the appropriate accounts with CRA and WS&IB
  • Business planning, cash flow projections, budgets, and forecasting
  • Guidance with raising finances to start your business
  • Advice on tax implications with various business structures
  • Establishing a good working relationship with your bank
  • Identifying important milestones and their potential impact

Buying A Business Or Franchise?

Have you identified a business you are interested in buying or found a franchise that interests you? We can help you with your due diligence: is the valuation reasonable? Are the financial numbers real? Would assistance in securing financing provide you with purchasing edge?

We’re more than just accountants, we’re also business helpers and business advisors.

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