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To make effective decisions, you need to know your options

Think of us as a trusted partner

There’s more to business financials than accounting alone.  To be effective in business, you need to make the right decisions.  To get situational insight you need a trusted advisor who understands your situation and can help you effectively plan your next steps.

You need to know your options to be able to plan accordingly.

We’ve listed our tax services below to provide you with a list of options you may wish to consider given your personal situation.

Regardless of your situation, understand we have the capabilities to help.  We’ve got your back.

Have a look at our tax services below and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Tax Services

Buy/Sell Agreements
Buying/Selling all or part of a business
Corporate Litigation Matters
Corporate or partnership dissolutions or reorganizations
Corporate Tax Preparation & Filing
Due Diligence Assignment
Estate planning
Fairness Requests
Family Law Matters
GST/HST Audit & Appeals
GST/HST Audit & Appeals (Objections)
GST/HST Planning
GST/HST Preparation & Filing
GST/HST Representation
Income Taxes
Mergers & Acquisitions
Obtaining financing
Personal Tax Preparation & Filing
Shareholder/Partner Disputes
Strategic & Integrated Tax Planning
Succession Planning
Tax Amendments (Corrections)
Tax Audit & Appeals (Objections)
Tax Planning
Tax Representation
Tax Reviews
Trust & Estate Tax Preparation & Filing
Voluntary Disclosures

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