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“On behalf of my mother, I would like to congratulate the team that works at Charles Ghadban Accounting for their thorough work ethic and patience.  It is also comforting and helpful that they were willing to work with other service providers that my mother used to enable her to get the best possible return on her investments and income.  My sister and I really appreciate the effort on your behalf.  Thank you.”

“I have been a client of Charles Ghadban Accounting for several years and continue to be a client due to their outstanding service and their very personalized approach.  I highly recommend Charles Ghadban Accounting to anyone seeking professional accounting services.”
A. Lentini

“Charles Ghadban has been our accountant for over 10 years!  Charles and his staff have been crucial for assisting me with our complex and challenging corporate and personal accounting needs over this time.  They are extremely helpful in advising, planning, and getting documents together.  I’ve always found Charles and his staff to “go the extra mile” in providing services in looking after my tax, accounting, bookkeeping, and planning needs.  They’ve always taken the time to communicate and address my questions and concerns.  I’m very thankful for and appreciative of their guidance over the years.  Charles and staff, thank you so much for all your assistance and help!”
Dr. K. Reesor

“I have made it a life-long goal to know a fair amount about my personal finances.  When others ask me, I tell them that the first profession I would turn to for financial advice is an accountant, because they see the whole picture.  And if they want an outstanding one, go to Charles Ghadban Accounting.”
Maxwell family

“We are very happy with the efficient, helpful and expeditious service provided by Charles Ghadban Accounting.  From first reminders to final filing, your friendly staff provided excellent service.”
F. and M. Connolly

“I have been 20 yrs. with Charles Ghadban as my tax accountant and I’m very satisfied of their services.  He’s very approachable and very professional all the while easy to deal with.”
G. Santander

“Charles Ghadban Accounting has been my source of accounting/tax information for the last 7 years.  Charles is a very knowledgeable accountant who has demonstrated a deep sense of care when dealing with mine and my wife’s yearly tax files.  He provides not only good tax advice but long term investment advice as well.  I know I am in good hands come tax season every spring.”
M. Abdulkader

“Charles and his team have provided me and my family with exceptional accounting service and advice.  Their expertise is second to none, and is always delivered with a personal touch.  I’m very happy with the service and recommend them to everyone.”
S. Bucci

“Over the past 5 years I’ve been taking my business to Charles Ghadban Accounting.  I was referred to Charles by a friend and I haven’t needed to go elsewhere for any accounting needs since.  Their staff is always very pleasant, informed, diligent and prompt with my tax return.  Any issues that arose were dealt with quickly via a quick phone call that wasn’t intrusive on my workday.  I would definitely recommend him for small, medium business and personal accounting needs.”
S. Lahey

“Aside from the value of knowing that the work carried out for us is handled by truly knowledgeable individuals, we return to Charles Ghadban Accounting first and foremost because we feel that our files are handled with a devotion to us.  To us, from the time we enter the business and are greeted personally by a smiling face and words of welcome, to the immediate connection to a “real person” on the telephone when we make an enquiry, through to the excellent end result, all exemplify the meaning behind the words of “we have an accountant”.  Words of appreciation are extended to Charles and his staff in mastering success in business blended with commitment to clients.  Thank you!”
D. and C. Sears

“Charles Ghadban Accounting provided accounting, taxation and consulting services for me for a number of years.  All services were conducted in a professional manner including yearly income tax returns – always completed accurately and by filing deadlines. Any questions that I asked received prompt responses with support information to explain the rationale for decisions which I very much appreciated.  Consulting services included financial planning which has helped me to manage my retirement funds in a more comprehensive balance of security and growth.  As an executor for a family will, I also obtained excellent estate advice regarding distribution of assets including setting up trust funds for minors.  Charles Ghadban Accounting has very good technical support for all accounting situations.  I would also like to compliment his administrative support, specifically Joan, for being on the front line to coordinate all the communications to and from his office. I highly recommend the use of Charles Ghadban Accounting services for any accounting matter.”
M. Andrews

Being in the financial industry, I always used to do my own taxes. Having met Charles through business associates, I decided to file my taxes with Charles. Never in my life have I RECEIVED SO MUCH OF MY TAXES BACK! I highly recommend Charles and I guarantee I’ll be back!

Having been a financial planner for an entire career, I’ve seen it all.  However, after bringing my taxes to Charles Ghadban Accounting in Ottawa, I am pleasantly shocked.  Of all the accountants I have taken my taxes to over the years, with Charles, I have never received so much money back!

Thank you Charles for your demonstrated attention to detail.

R Nobbs

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